All Out Of Control EP

by Monster Squad

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released January 1, 2006

Monster Squad:
Phil - vocals
Matt - drums
J - guitar, vocals
Ultimate Justin - bass, vocals
Moises - guitar, vocals

All songs recorded and mixed by Bart Thurber at House of Faith Studios in Oakland, Ca in July 2005. All songs written and performed by Monster Squad © 2005 strengththroughpainmusic.

Thank you to Davey at Glue Rot Records, Mike at MDR Productions, all the bands we’ve played or toured with and anyone that has supported us in any way. Cover illustration by Phil. Graphic design by Matt. Photos by Chris Chapel at Burning Bridges Photography.

500 copies pressed on grey marble vinyl.
Also released on a split CD with Obtrusive from Germany on TSOR Records, a label based in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Monster Squad Vacaville, California

FYWROK 2017 in July! and
LA Invasion 2017 in July.

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Track Name: All Out of Control
all out of control i live my life like, everyday is a different fight.
it’s all out, out of our hands, can’t get a grip don’t understand
don’t understand just walk away, understand just walk away.
i’ve got my guitar, to guide my life,
i don’t want my life held down i’ve got no time.
and there’s nothing left for me, no hope and no dreams
don’t wanna be left around, end up dead in the ground.

all out of control, out of control

you better loosen your grip, you hostility’s making me sick
pull the plug and end this story, pull the plug and end this story.
all my life you were on my back, now today i’m gonna snap
everyday it’s the same old shit, everyday it’s the same bullshit.
from now im on my own
my choice to have no reason, no reason, no reason at all.
my life, i strive, not to live a life of your lies
i see right through your lies, i see with my own eyes
Track Name: Gotta Get Out
there’s nowhere to go
there’s nowhere to run and hide
future is running dim
my friends are all running thin
i’m feeling dead inside...inside

nowhere to go and i got no place to fit
i feel so empty, i feel so cheap
when there’s nothing left my ambitions seem to fall
i can’t keep control

i’m done with this place
there’s nothing here for me...for me
don’t want to know
there’s nothing to show
it’s something you can’t see

gotta, gotta get out of here
i feel like i’m loosing my mind
my problems just, grow and grow
it’s eating me alive
Track Name: Church and State
infecting our lives, drowned us with lies
you rip at the seams, tear down our dreams

i’ve got a confession for you
in god you trust, in god you trust
final solution

class fill with hate, it’s the church and the state
you’re never wrong, you’re always right

you write up the laws that put up the walls.
cheat and you steal, nothing’s for real
molesting the youth
raping the truth
treat us like trash
white upper class
design the future
edit the past
will never last!
Track Name: Elitist
thick, cover, over your eyes
you are what i despise
sit and lie to my face
true signs of your disgrace

we’re not asking you for a thing

we don’t need you

don’t care to socialize
stay in your throne of lies
know you’re too good for me
arrogance is all i see

your head’s so far up your ass
i know you’ll never last
too good for this scene
your past is not so clean