Anxiety EP

by Monster Squad



released November 12, 2016

Monster Squad:
Phil - vocals
Matt - drums
Pat: - bass, vocals
J - guitar, vocals
Little Dave: bass on Death and Destruction

Recorded by Mykee at Burnt Ramen Studios July 2001
All songs by Monster Squad

Thanks to: Mykee and John the Baker at Burnt Ramen. Mama Kadi, Pat Edwards, Dave Gale, Greg McFarland, Mike and Oppressed Logic, Arno Corps!, The Vex and all the San Jose kids, Ill Blooded, Bryce, Tommy Gunn, Enemies Front, Joe Bastard, Kris Loftux at 3 Oaks in Vacaville, Damon Hooper (RIP), Joe Frank at Axis Records, Skinhead Bill and Born/Dead.
Special thanks to all of our real friends who have stuck with us through everything in the past 5 years. You all know who you are, and if we forgot you then you must not have been that important to us...

Self release on Strength Through Pain Records
500 copies on black vinyl. Some have photocopied insert, others we had done at a printed at Chancellor Graphics in Vacaville.

Strength Through Pain Records 002



all rights reserved


Monster Squad Vacaville, California

FYWROK 2017 in July! and
LA Invasion 2017 in July.

STP European repress available from:

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Track Name: Anxiety
My headache's growing bigger
I can't see past my face
Am I the only one like this
I wish I knew my fate
Trouble's growing inside
Can I feel out my rage
It's too much pressure
For my young age

Everything you say - is a fucking waster of time
Everything you do - I can't keep it off my mind
The resentment I feel now is turning into hate
You narrow minded people, you never will relate

Shit's building up
It's growing from the start
It's melting all my brains
And it's ripping up my heart
I wish I knew the answer
I wish I knew the truth
It's wasting all my time
And stripping me of my youth
Track Name: Wake Up
Wake up and smell the coffee
Life's subject to change
Fashion trends will come and go
But your friends are here to stay
Don't live your life in shadows
Be who you are
Open your fucking eyes
Or be stuck in a jar

The way you live your life means nothing to me
Living to die you can see right through me
Choose your own path that's what you wanna do
And as always I'll see right through you

Don't get stuck in footsteps
Make your own path
Following all the rest
It's not gonna make you last
Your life is yours
Choose what is right
If you're gonna be a punk
it's with you for life
Track Name: Bible Song
Get on your knees and pray
Are you going to die today?
Worry about your life
Make your sacrifice!

I need no bible, I'm not your prophecy
??????? ??? ??? ??????
bla ba blablabla...??

I don't need no bible
To tell me how to think
Biblical and political
Fucking bible bullshit stinks

So you have no God
What are you to do?
On your knees to be used
Mindless gossip self abuse
Track Name: Death and Destruction
so can you adapt to the soldiers on the streets?
things are’nt gonna be the same
what we need to do is get back on our feet
and put some justice to our name
america’s only told one side of the story
have you walked in someone elses shoes?
no you have’nt because you’re blinded by glory
if you take a life you’re gonna lose.

chorus: ignorance wants to see
-death and destruction-
ignorance needs
-death and destruction-

what can we do to stop the arms race?
like a kick in the face
is your hate so sour that you can’t taste?
is it because of your selfishness?
is destruction all you see in your hate?
because of your insecurities
what will stop the fucking treachery?
not a fuckin war....NO!!

can you really say you hate
someone that you don’t know