Fire the Faith

by Monster Squad

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released April 17, 2007

500 LPs originally released on Punk Core Records:
100 green splatter
100 red splatter and 300 on black vinyl
3,000 or so CDs made.
Both out of print.

Phil Geck - vocals
Jason Case - guitar/vocals
Matt Kadi - drums/percussion
Ultimate Justin Peach - bass/vocals
Chris Chapel - guitar/vocals

MONSTER SQUAD fire the faith:
written and arranged by the Monster Squad Family of Friends. © strengththroughpainmusic 2006
engineered by Joe Johnston at Pus Cavern Studios in Sacramento,Ca on Feb. 10, Nov. 16-20, Dec. 7, 23 2006.
produced by Monster Squad and Joe Johnston. mastered by Eric Broyhill at Monster Lab Audio on Dec. 28, 2006
2nd guitar on ‘seperate the lines’ and ‘all these things’ by moises sandoval. freestyle on reggae jam by Kenny KB1
canvas painting: Phil. illustration: Gustavo Martinez. band photo: Tim Carson
‘gilman crowd’ live photo: Chris Chapel/Burning Bridges Photography. graphic design/‘immigrant’ photo by Matt Kadi

thank you: joe and lesa johnston at pus cavern studios, vahe jordan, dave and mike/punk core,the tea/hennessy combo, kenny for his freestyle skills, tim carson, sgt. scott, bobby hill, trons mom, johnny milwaukee & family, fredd gunn, tay slc, richard 'burnside' russell, moises sandoval, justin ‘waa’cryer’ dcoi, mike da roadie/mdr productions MDR '08, burning bridges photography, sherri kadi, ron martinez/crawlspace booking, ryan kunty, patdick, fishnets, pat boston, ruffio, elli, angry young and poor, spain, skootch, gabe sex from cheap sex, bob ghoul, carter m., jimmy '31x9' rebel, kevin seconds/anarchy supper, cutoff kids, dave 86'd, perry/kelly, joe 'sextape' butterknife, jasper, the sandoval famiily, lewis ingham/powerchord productions, jake casualty, jason/denise, aaron/, machete mfg, benni/various booking, tracy texas, will/wills mom, mat/tsor records, davey slicks/glue rot records, wendy brasher, mike/ebba navas, gustavo, scott alcoholocaust, tony scott. all the west coast homies: whiskey rebels, dcoi, the abuse, pressure point, peligro social, heretix, rosevere, the vex, non existence, static thought, born/dead, the ballistics, career soldiers. our canadian brothers-action, krum bums, obtrusive, queen, damage case, complete control, the casualties, a global threat, 86'd, l.c.b., unit 21.....thank you for buying the actual cd and not the mp3s. <<<<<<< clearly this is kind of outdated. ha!

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Monster Squad Vacaville, California

FYWROK 2017 in July! and
LA Invasion 2017 in July.

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Track Name: Fire the Faith
your heros words light up the night
set the path that feeds my fight
son of god has a new face
destroying lives in a modern day place

CH: fire the faith before its too late,
release the world from tyranny

different weapons new minds are closed
faith with no eyes do what your told
two seperate men but one in the same
two thousand years between there reign

i will never understand,
the desire to be led by the hand
your the weapon of our destruction
kill the people with your infection

justice will have a new beginning,
we will see your power ending,
chaos will reign, one in the same,
we shall prevail!
Track Name: Unmasked
look at me in the eyes,
I'm not wearing a disguise
i can see what is here,
friends like these i don't need to fear

CH: out of the dark into the light,
i see a place thats worth the fight

i see true through me and you,
and i know what you show
inside me its you i see,
no refrain i show no pain
Track Name: Force Fed
force fed the lies, force led to cry
force told all the reasons why
in schools! the rules!
forse fed by all those god damned fools

CH: we know the truth
we are all being force fed

force fed a book, force fed a cross
force fed religion at what cost?
in sight! to fight!
force told all the reasons why

down my throat! in my eyes! force fed!
Track Name: You Are Not Alone
CH: blackness seeps through the cracks
adorns the walls, turning black
i feel at times I've lost my grip
see myself and start to slip

and i ask why?
our questions will never be answered

awaking to another day,
stepping forth starts this way
soon as i see light dissipate,
find myself in a destructive state

all these faces seem the same,
on the outside i wear my pain
i know you are not alone,
and i am not the only one

who's gonna save me from myself,
I've been waiting here for some help
what will happen when i fail,
i await my life in hell
i am not alone!

- dedicated to the memory of Robbie Western -
Track Name: All These Things
depression sets in,
moves underneath the skin
no rules set for me,
my heart never bleeds!

CH: it’s just not working for me
all these things i don't need
the life you choose of power and greed

the rules that guide your life,
always walking down that line
i just cant live that way,
always tend to stray

your rules, not me. your schools, not me
your head, not me. well its dead, not me
my angst, not me. your games, not me
my spite, not me. YOUR LIFE!, not me
working for me!
Track Name: Dirt
self indulge, your own world
of pain and lust, dirt to dust
choose your fate, ones self hate
sell to score, pushing whore

CH: X marks the eyes where life used to be
absolution through greed
to the fair weather family
a vicious destructive substitute reality
distributed with no regard
to the lives and homes it disrupts
cold concrete, below your feet
wait in doubt, a small handout
inject your pain to your vain
infect my life you lowlife

good for nothing! good for nothing!
it disrupts,it disrupts, it disrupts, good for nothing!
Track Name: Seperate The Lines
it seems i can see, something behind your eyes
hiding with a cold stare, and a smooth set of lies
this country tends to bleed, as you turn away
you’re a puppet as they are, told what to say

CH: Barricade the resistance,
changing our lives, rules and regulations
Under strict enforcement,
cast them away, away to die
Separate the lines,
separate the lives
Hiding the lies of a fascist mind!

disregard there lifes, numbers in a war
how far will you go, settle up the score
does your mind lack compassion, your heart lack control
are you just a puppet doing as your told
Track Name: The Curse (Pay The Price)
blood rushes in, take your breath
no one sees, the pain thats left
they don't care, the pain inside
behind the shadows, they will hide

CH: under the gun a boy lies dead
foreign countries the blood runs red
political mask force there law
soldiers pay destined to fall

life has changed for the worse
the nightmare lasts a soldiers curse
its your life in there hands
left to die in the sand

with our lives we pay the rich
Track Name: Pull Me Away
you tell me what i already know
then guide me through what i have shown

CH: pull me away, from you all
push me away, and i fall

pull back my skull and and take it all
mold me like clay then throw me away

you feel the need to cram my head
with shit and ignorance that you have said

pull back my skull and and take it all
mold me like clay then throw me away
Track Name: Abrasive
my need to push, to feel the rush
against the grain, to feel the pain
infect the mass, to make powers pass
to the hands of the few

CH: i am abrasive, we are abrasive
caustic push, feel the rush
i am abrasive, we are abrasive
we arise, your demise
i dont need you in my way
i dont need you in my life

it starts with this, ideas and fists
light the match, start the path
use this flame, end this pain
old as time, use your mind
Track Name: A Nightmare To Consume
imagine sleeping in your bed
a deafening sound rattles your head
you sneak a look from your door
your mothers dead lying on the floor
soldiers gather around the corpse
brutally murdered with intensive force
doors smashed in soldiers take aim
your fathers life is taken the same
a thick blade carves through his throat
your hero’s gone along with hope
blood stains the walls and covers the floor
off they go in to the next door
thoughts quickly pass through your mind
your sisters five and she's next in line

you hear her screams then six shots
gargling blood covers her thoughts
waiting for death you cower and cry
knowing you are next to die
silence fills your shredded home
there you are left alone
running down to your sisters room
how much more can you consume
see her lay with six to the chest
hold her as she takes her last breath
“hush little baby and don't say a word
ill meet you in heaven to fly with the birds”
for those of you who just turn there back
this just happened in iraq
Track Name: Reggae Jam
i bare no cross/no flag i trust/no symbols adorn/my crown of thorns/no signs of hate/no rules instate/my life i choose/what i want to do/
dont need a symbol/to achieve my goals/no credence in a false profit
Track Name: waa'cryer
this is Justin from Dcoi calling Phil to express his feelings on how Phil never returns his phone calls.
Track Name: Dude Crew (bonus)
For all the friends and family we've made over the years in the U.S., Canada, Europe and U.K........Düde Crëw

One of two unreleased recordings from the Fire the Faith sessions. The other was State of Confusion, though we never finished re-recording the lyrics.
Track Name: Leach (bonus)
Can't eat, can't think. Frustration's making me weak.....

my frustration - limitations - all over again
disrespect - show neglect - all over again

This was recorded in February of 2006 and was intended to be for a 3 song 7" with Separate the Lines and All These Things. We ended up putting two of the songs on Fire the Faith.