by Monster Squad

Becoming the person you hate By killing the ones that you love Setting the path for destruction By burning the bridges above So low you can’t see your way Through the smoke and decay Through the pits and the bones of loss Treading through what you cannot cross You fail at every turn You fall as you burn Digging a pit of betrayal So deep you can’t climb out Feeding your need to fill the void Filled to the brim with disgust In reflection you see what you hate Grasping to what dissipates Living a life beyond repair Consumed by shroud despair I don’t want to die, I just don’t want to live Trying to take what I can not give Wondering why it’s always the same For you as you pass the blame
Everyday - Seems a little harder Everyone - Wanting more and more Everything - Weighing down on me Any second now I know I’m gonna break! When I have nothing left to give You take and take and take... In my mind, I feel me slip away Insane insane insane... Holding on - To what’s left of me All at once - Pressure’s pouring on Someday - The day that never comes I can’t give in to the affliction of my mind
Lion's Blood 02:19
You, watched me fall Didn’t know I could pick myself up You, held me down Watch me drown but never give up Made it, through the storm When it looked like it would never end Made it, through the pain Before all the cold set in Never! Never give up! Never! Never give in! Lion’s blood Pain, in my eyes The hurt I endure makes me who I am Strength, through my core Test me and I’ll show you what I am Rage, is what I feel That keeps violence and shatters the peace Spit, in my face It’s hard to smile without any teeth
Desolation 02:06
I see it, in your eyes I see through the disguise I know you, your pain Your loss and no gain Desolation, through addiction Can’t fix me, my brain Am I going insane Can I get through this lust I have broken your trust I need to, break free From these chains killing me The strength that I need The strength in me It’s not enough, not enough Not enough, it’s never enough Enough, enough, I’ve had enough
Never Learn 02:26
I slay demons in my sleep I taste fire for the heat Break the rules of your games Unburnt from the flames Watch the bridges that you burn Waiting for tables that will never turn I see the path that you’ve burned Never a lesson that you’ve learned You can’t turn my world around I won’t let you get me down Further and further you will drown Till the silence kills the sound I continue to stand my ground No longer search for what I've found With my heart I hear the sound With my heart I feel the sound
Anger, in a world gone mad Despair, in what you had You hate, when I speak my mind In the age of disinformation The art of war with classification The lies are fed through media stations Adding despair dividing a nation Thieves of a new age Sit back, and judge from afar This time, we know what you are You hide, behind lies and anger And they, don't see the danger! I am the faggot your son brought home I am the race that you fear I am the labor that your back cant bare Son of an immigrant born to a slave The end of hope The end of a rope The end of hope The end of a fucking rope
Feel the lies seep into your bones Waiting for God on all fours On your knees you plead and pray Search for life until you die Turn the weak against themselves Create an age of infinite wars Fighting for God on both sides Worship death until we die You die, you find your life’s a lie Dead again... Feed the pain that makes you lie The want to exist, the want to die Faith in a cross is a grave disguise A shroud of lies covers your eyes The lies are designed for you to follow A pill of deception is what you swallow War and hate feed the lines While the world starves and dies
Frustration gives me a sickness to... Question myself to not believe in you Beneath the lies, behind the lines A faded reflection in my empty eyes Tears wept when it was for the best Feared the loss of innocence Yet somehow now it all makes sense Wish I could get rid of this Withheld forgiveness Shattered heart, shackled mind Can I leave this all behind? Will I let this conquer me? Or will the truth set me free? Secrets kept then in my defence Years of blissful ignorance Confess somehow now it all makes sense Wish I could get rid of this Withheld forgiveness Frustration, empty home You’re an outcast, all alone
Throw me to the wolves and I’ll come leading the pack Shove it in my face and I’ll throw it right back You can’t keep me down You won’t hold me back This won’t stop me - it’s only pain This won’t stop me - this misery Leave me for dead and I’ll rise from the grave Stab me in the back and I’ll spit blood in your face You can’t stop me - you won’t stop me You can’t stop me - this misery Set anything in my path and I will overcome I’ll set this whole fucking place on fire and rise from the ashes I won’t give up, I will overcome I won’t give up, destroy everything
Endless War 04:27
In this so called democracy Lies, hate and hypocrisy The dead pile upon the earth We use the bones to build another church The lines blur as hatred grows The blood spills as oil flows In a land where justice fell We call this living in a constant hell Endless war Crescents, stars and stripes burn The hammer falls as the machine turns Bodies crush under the weight of this system that’s bound by hate Blood and oil binds as one We won’t stop until there’s none Will we use what we have to help Or will we turn against ourselves Segregation fuels the fire Capitalism fills our desire The more we want the more we need Feeding this machine with the disease Enslave the poor of us To make more and more for us Don’t you disagree with us We will keep you down just to fill our lust


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Recorded live to tape at The Atomic Garden in East Palo Alto during March of 2018. Tracked, mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley.

Music by Monster Squad except:
Lion’s Blood and Internal War by Justin Wickwire and Monster Squad
Lyrics by Phil Geck except:
Withheld Forgiveness by Phil, Matthew, and Bryan Lothian
Extra vocals by Bryan Lothian, Mike Kadomiya and Christian Reid

Cover Art:
Phil Geck -
‘Exquisite Corpus Delicti’ Collage:
Winston Smith -
‘On the Edge of my Seat Here...’ Illustration:
Mike Kadomiya -
Layout and Photography:
Matthew Kadi -

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© Strength Through Pain Music 2018

Released by Pirates Press Records in the United States
and Voltage Records in Europe.


released May 25, 2018

Thank You:
Eric Mueller and Pirates Press for taking us in, Martino “Don’t come back to Europe until you have a new record” Kejklíček and Voltage Records, Jack Shirley for his ear and next level efficiency, Justin Wickwire for the riffs, Mike Da’Roadie Maciel and Sleeping Ghost for merch, the Rainin Family, Eric Urbach, Bryan and Rufio, Christian for singing and working so hard on the Bay Area punk scene, Winston Smith for his dedication to art and sharing a piece with us, Marty ‘saving lives’ Steiner, Travis ‘Bobby Hill’ Gustafson, Nacho, Raul Riff-Raff, Michael Rothstein, Kevin Nguyen, Tony at FYWROK, Ilya S., Liz Rose, Jeff Armstrong and Gilman, Jay Unidos, UGZ, Javier and Gabi at En Tu Kara, Jason and
Addicted to Chaos, Richelle Cullen and Yuba, Kadi and Edwards Family, Chapel Family, Kelly Broll, Death or Glory family, the friends from day one, the new friends, our families and children for supporting us by being there.
Big thanks to Shanda Case and the Case family for allowing us to invade their home to write this record.

The 707, 530, 916, 510, 415.
Thank you for listening. - MSP -

Monster Squad is:
Phil Geck - vocals
Matthew Kadi - drums
Jason Case - guitar, vocals
Justin Peach - bass, vocals
Chris Chapel - guitar, vocals

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Instagram: @monstersquadpunks
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