Strength Through Pain

by Monster Squad



Repressed for the first time on vinyl in 2015 from Voltage Records in Brno, CZ:

500 yellow/pink half and half vinyl pressed on Charged Records. Now out of print
3 pressings of 1,000 CDs made on Charged Records. Now out of print
Also released in Germany on Razorblade Music sometime in 2008. Not sure how many pressed


released January 11, 2004

Monster Squad:
Phil - vocals
Matt - drums
J - guitar, vocals
Ultimate Justin - bass, vocals
Moises - guitar, vocals

1-12 Recorded by Joe Johnston at Pus Cavern Studios, Sacramento on August 18-19, 2004. Mixed/mastered on August 24-25, 2004
except *recorded on November 4, 2003.
All lyrics and music written by Monster Squad, © Strengththrupainmusic
piano on Strength Through Pain by Dave Goss, rhythm guitar/bass on D.F.A. by Richy
rhythm guitar on No Destiny by Chooch
layout by Matt Kadi

Phil- lead vocals, J.M.F.C- lead guitar, vocals, Matt Kadi- drums, Ultimate Justin- bass, vocals
Moses Sandoval- rhythm guitar, vocals

Muchos grassy ass to the following: Jake at Charged Records, Joe and Lesa Johnston at Pus Cavern Studios, Bill at Rodent Popsicle, Mykee and John the Baker at Burnt Ramen Studios, Justin Escaped, Mama Kadi, John Case, Mary & Richard Edwards, Mr. & Mrs. Sandoval, Tay SLC, Marianne for the tour help, Adi@Punknite, Ron Conflict, Mike Authority, Machete Merch, Erin D., Matt Carter, Tim Carson, Big Mike, Bob Ghoul, Gussy, Rip-Dogg, Dave Goss, Chubby Chode, Jahova John, Kyle Chaos, Veil, Jimmy C., Bryce, Kris Loftus, Aaron Jones@PunkStuff, Martin Swiss, Bobby Hill the 'roadie', PDX punks and the Rose City Crew, U.S. Thugs, Most Hated, the Escaped, the Abuse, Cropknox, Whiskey Rebels, the Krays, Toxic Narcotic, the Fuzz, Virus, Complete Control, S.T.F.U., Krum Bums, the Ghouls. Everyone that has shown us support over the years, all of the Vacaville punks/skins and hardcore kids. Anyone that put us up for nite on tour. Tacos Jalisco and of course Baldos...bitch! if we forgot you, dont ask if you got a gun cuz i didnt get a gun either. Extra thanks to Dave G., Pat, Richy and Chooch for being apart of this band at one time.

Album art files are included + some extras



all rights reserved


Monster Squad Vacaville, California

FYWROK 2017 in July! and
LA Invasion 2017 in July.

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Track Name: Until The End
moving too fast - self destruction
when will we stop- self destruction
going down - self destruction
'till the end - self destruction

chorus: whoa whoh! going and going it will never end!
whoa whoh! too fast to live and too young to die!
whoa whoh! going and going it will never end!

livin a life - self destruction
no one can survive - self destruction
addiction regret - self destruction
you'll never last - self destruction
Track Name: D.F.A.
2. D.F.A.
you come to our town, and walk down our streets
you look like scum from your head to your feet
you believe white power, you say white pride
we’ll make you wish you stayed inside
say your a skinhead, we know it’s not true
you’re just a fuckin bonehead, and we’re after you
when we first saw you, ya gotta boot to the head
next thing you know you’re gonna end up dead
cuz we don’t fuck around

chorus: we don’t fuck around

just you try to talk shit
say it to our face and you’re gonna get it
you act real hard to our face
it was your blood we spilt that day
ain't so tough when you get hit
sending us emails and talking shit
next time we see you it’s no hello
just to your face with a deadly blow
cuz we don’t fuck around
Track Name: Lies
3. LIES...
every day i drink and try not to think,
of your face of this place of a future of a waste.
can't seem to find a way off my mind,
a way to cope a sign of hope i want to hang from a rope

chorus: lies! i don't need your- lies!
i don't need you

there's nothin to say, i can't find a way,
to change my life to get this right tired of all these fights
i cannot speak i cant even think,
don't wanna eat i feel so bleak to your face i feel week
Track Name: Pressure
too much pressure in this young life- pressure
nothing to do to deal with my spite- pressure
parents, teachers and cops fill me with hate- pressure
dead or jailed by this rate

chorus: too much pressure, in this young life
too much pressure, building up inside

fucking people always in my face- pressure
preaching ignorance about there race- pressure
i don’t give a shit if i have no class- pressure
i’ll shove this bottle up your ass
Track Name: Switchblade Kids
in the city i've been told, on the steets thier hearts gone cold
see the look on they're face, a sign of aggression mixed with hate
in the gutter they feel pride, its they're home they will not hide
choose the words that you speek, theres no pity on the steets
chorus: switchblade kids
                   die   honor

death or glory is what they say, no regard for lifes' thier way
reckless youth it is no lie, and your not scared to die
face to face with hostility, a path that follows agony
hate and anger, seeing red and you'll be left for dead
Track Name: No Destiny
i dont believe in destiny, no
no one has planned my fate for me, go

chorus: no there’s no final destination
there’s not only one solution

i make my decisions i make my path, go
i don’t believe these feelings will pass, no

i do what i do because i can, go
no it’s not all one big plan, no!

bridge: i don’t believe
i don’t believe in destiny
Track Name: Nihilistic
in the world of today
don't have much to say
lifes taken a turn for the worse
is this path i follow cursed
chorus: nihilistic! sadistic!
don't wanna live in a world so simplistic

don't wanna be around
in a bottle i can be found
does life have to be this way?
fuck tommorrow life for today
nothin left here for me
societys' too much you see
feel paranoia feel regret
i feel there's nothin left
die!! in a world... in a world of decete..
don't wanna die... in a world where no one wants me!!
Track Name: On The Edge
like a knife to the chest a fuckin bullet would feel best
just cant feel just cant relate so much anger so much hate
when you feel dead inside my emotions i try to hide
to your face i seem calm but inside it's like a bomb
chorus: on the edge
and nothin to loose  x4
just can't wait to explode and you'll know my hearts gone cold
can't believe you're so wrong what the fuck is going on
so confused so distraught my chest is cold my fists are hot
just wanna get outta this place smash this bottle across yer face
i'll feel better when your gone you think you've done nothing wrong
and you know that pisses me off well FUCK YOU ITS YOUR LOSS
please dont call please dont write and you know i'll be drunk tonight
do you know how it feals it's so fucked up it's so unreal
Track Name: Through My Eyes
confused by suffering missled by mistake
you cloud my ideas your an image that's fake
nothing you say nothing you feel
shows on the outside i know the drill
chorus: religious brainwash destroys and kills
countrys divided and blood is spilled
kneel at the cross suffer the fate
religion breeds ignorance and hate

don't need you here to split us apart
you were never liked from the start
they're in to you for the fashion
mindless clones a main attraction

i know you're fake i know your lies
your clear to me and what i despise
you wont divide us or kick us away
you're a christian punk who has nothin to say
to say, nothin to fuckin say
Track Name: No Use
10. NO USE
you're so easy as there pray
manipulative in a way
with high heels all over you
read there lips, you are threw
you can live without there reign
they ravage you to feel to your pain
left alone to be used, nothin left but abuse

chorus: NO USE FOR YOU!

you're so easy to control
they eat away at your soul
you've been warned once before
and you knew these girls were whores
you can live without there reign
they ravage you to feel to your pain
left alone to be used, nothin left but abuse

Track Name: Death And Destruction
so can you adapt to the soldiers on the streets?
things are’nt gonna be the same
what we need to do is get back on our feet
and put some justice to our name
america’s only told one side of the story
have you walked in someone elses shoes?
no you have’nt because you’re blinded by glory
if you take a life you’re gonna lose.

chorus: ignorance wants to see
-death and destruction-
ignorance needs
-death and destruction-

what can we do to stop the arms race?
like a kick in the face
is your hate so sour that you can’t taste?
is it because of your selfishness?
is destruction all you see in your hate?
because of your insecurities
what will stop the fucking treachery?
not a fuckin war....NO!!

can you really say you hate
someone that you don’t know
Track Name: Strength Through Pain
beat me down and smash my face
leave me alone without a trace
never said that life was easy
you never said that you would leave me

chorus: strength through pain
you can't destroy the heart inside
strength through pain
to your suprise i'm still alive
i dont care about being social
impressing people is not my goal
i dont care about what you say
i add a new scar every day

breakdown: life's hard enough with out your shit
when i was down i did not quit
you left me there when i was alone
i just needed my cuts to be sewn
one day you'll seek help from me
but my boot is all you'll see
i dont need a thing from you
on my own i know what to do